Rediscovering my creativity

Or maybe I'm just hoarding too many links on Pinterest.

I have many interests and many many new things I want to learn, however, I get overwhelmed VERY easily. I currently work with seed beads, but I have played with Polymer Clay. I have supplies ready for: soutache, resin, bead embroidery...and even things outside my norm like metal stamping, paper crafts, and tons of upcycle junk waiting to be beautified.

I also paint. Sometimes. ok RARELY. I have to be in the right place inside myself before I can really get into a painting. Sometimes just starting something is all the push I need. But more often than not, its just too much of a struggle to even start on something. How to decide??? Will I fail miserably??

For my first post, I will leave you with my Facebook Page so you can check out the beading and paintings I have done in the past.

FotoJennic on Facebook

Hope you like my page and enjoy what you see.